Purpose and Objective

To develop and facilitate strategies to assist and support local Chilliwack businesses in their economic recovery, building economic confidence, and bringing the Chilliwack community together to create and support a local movement.

Accomplishments to Date

CERN has developed and/or participated in the following initiatives to date:

  • Created the Covid-19 Resources page on the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce website. 
  • Created the Business Restart page on the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce website. 
  • Created the Community Cares video series showcasing 20 local businesses and how they made shopping safe for Chilliwack residents.
  • Assisted in developing and promoting the Local Business Restart Program, which helped over 170 Chilliwack businesses.
  • Provided support in workforce development, financial impact strategies, e-commerce strategies, marketing strategies, and skill-building, to assist businesses with pivoting operations or enhancing offerings to reopen, restart, and maintain operation within our community.
  • Hosted a workforce roundtable discussion with 12 local business owners to address areas of concern.
  • Offered the ‘Building Resilience to Thrive’ training program through the BC Chamber of Commerce.
  • Provided businesses with a platform in the Support Local BC gift card program.
  • Provided PPE (personal protective equipment) grants to 21 Chilliwack businesses.
  • Assisted in promoting the Chilliwack Give-a-Thon that raised over $138,000 for ten local Chilliwack charities that were struggling through the pandemic.
  • Assisted in the formation of the ‘Feed the Kids’ partnership between the Salvation Army, Chilliwack Community Services, and Chilliwack Bowls of Hope.
  • Developed and executed the Chilliwack Walk and Shop, an event designed to bring all businesses together and focus on supporting local with back to school offers.
  • Supported and contributed to the Chilliwack Mural Festival.
    Supported the pivot of Tourism Chilliwack and the Chilliwack tourism industry with the mobile version, know as Winston.
  • Developed and launched ‘A Very Merry Shopportunity’ customer-engagement holiday campaign to encourage shopping, eating, and supporting local.
  • Launched ‘COVID in our Community’, a podcast and video series featuring local Chilliwack doctors sharing information and encouragement around Covid-19.
  • Developed and launched the Community Hero Project with the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce. Over 2,000 community heroes (front-line workers in Chilliwack) were gifted local baked goods, coffee, flowers, and more to show how much their community appreciates them.
  • Promoted the Building Resilience to Thrive online training program through BC Chamber of Commerce.

Moving Forward

Focus 1: Workforce: Develop strategies to support local businesses with the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Culture
  • On-boarding
  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Focus 2: Business Restart: Develop strategies and programming to support the economic recovery efforts of small and medium enterprises. The following will be incorporated:

  • Marketing strategies- digital and other
  • Business planning review
  • Ecommerce
  • Mentorship
  • One to one Coaching

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