Bringing together the power of many to help those affected by BC Flooding.

Disaster Preparation and Recovery
  1. Be prepared for Floods 
  2. Be prepared for Severe Weather 
  3. Top 10 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Evacuation
Government Relief Resources
  1. B.C. flooding evacuees to get additional financial support | BC Gov News
  2. To Apply for Financial Assistance for damaged home or businesses B.C.’s response to floods and mudslides – Province of British Columbia (
  3. The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries urges all livestock producers directly impacted by floods to contact their Local Industry Association.
  4. AgriServiceBC is here to help. Call 1-888-221-7141.
  5. Apply for Federal Funding for emergency recovery on reserves and modern treaty settlements
  6. You are eligible if your Primary Residence was placed on Evacuation Order due to the flooding and extreme weather event November 14 to 16, 2021. Apply for Red Cross $2,000 
  7. Abbotsford Relief Grant Application for Businesses
  8. $228M Flood Recovery Program helping B.C. farms return to production
  9. The B.C. Employer Training Grant provides funding to small, medium and large enterprises to support skills training for their new or current employees. Employers can apply as often as they need and may receive up to $10,000 per employee, with a maximum annual amount per employer of $300,000.

If you are interested in applying for recovery funding, please note that applications are due by June 1, 2022. Once we receive your application we will be able to send a specialist out to your property to assess the damage. You can submit the application by email, fax, or mail, whatever is easiest for you. If you have any questions during the application process you can call 1-888-332-3352 for assistance.

Supporting Affected Communities in the aftermath of BC floods
  1.  How have you or your business been impacted by BC Flooding? How can Community Futures help YOU?
  2. Donate to the British Columbia Floods & Extreme Weather Appeal – BCFEWA MWF Don (
  3.  Donate to the United for BC Flood Response – Donate UWBC    (Questions? Contact us at 1-877-557-1953 or [email protected])
  4. KUU-US Crisis Society provides 24-7 crisis support for Indigenous youth and elders and Mètis people
  5. Become a Volunteer
  6. Salvation Army BC Flood Response, to donate click HERE
  7. Ministry of Public Safety Emergency Support Toll FREE Line 1-833-376-2452 (Open from 7:30am-5:00pm Daily)
  8. Mental Wellness Support
  9. Disaster Business Support (
  10. Road to Recovery for Small Businesses

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