Community Heroes

A partnership between the Chilliwack Economic Recovery Network (CERN) along with some generous community sponsors who went above and beyond recognizing Community Heroes. We visited care homes, Chilliwack Hospital, health clinics, practices and many more places where you can find the hard work of frontline workers. CERN felt that these people needed to be shown just how much we appreciate them and the work they have done through Covid-19 in our community. In all efforts to continuously support local we purchased treats and little gifts from local businesses to encourage everyone to love local and impact our local economy directly. For over 2 months our amazing team created sweet notes of appreciation, tagged and bagged baked goods, delivered coffee and flowers and showed over 2000 incredible humans just how much their community appreciated them. We couldn’t have done it without generous sponsorship and volunteers. It was truly a team effort to deliver all the amazing treats. Special thanks to the Chamber Of Commerce staff who handled all the logistics and co-ordination of such a huge project! We truly are better together.

Community Education

A partnership with the Division of Family Practice to assist in the communication of provincial health orders and other necessary protocols surrounding Covid-19. The approach was to include real doctors and nurses to share real life stories and examples that would identify with our community.

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