To help keep B.C. safe, the PHO has introduced Province-Wide Restrictions. They will be in effect December 20, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

New Grant Information as of January 19, 2022

The Province is extending the COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant and doubling supports for eligible businesses that have been ordered to remain temporarily closed through public health measures until Feb. 16, 2022.

COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant Funds doubled for Eligible Businesses

Businesses that have applied for a COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant do not need to reapply. To apply for a grant, visit: COVID-19 Closure Relief Grant – Province of British Columbia (

New Grant as of December 23, 2021

The  COVID-19 Closure Grant will provide fully funded grants to businesses that had to close due to the December 22, 2021 Provincial Health Officer (PHO) orders.

Applications coming soon

How the grant works

Evaluation considerations

Available funding

New Restrictions as of December 22, 2021

These restrictions are in effect until January 18, 2022.

Workplace Restrictions

You must wear a mask in all indoor workspaces, unless:

  • You are alone in a room or there is a barrier between you and other people
  • Wearing a mask would interfere with the safe performance of your work duties
  • You have a valid exemption

Workplaces must have a COVID-19 safety plan in place as part of the workplace’s Communicable Disease Plan. 

A workplace that has workers testing positive for COVID-19 and public health confirming transmission has occurred in the work environment may be ordered to close for a minimum of 10 days.

For larger workplaces, the closure may be restricted to the locations where transmission has occurred.

Exceptions will be made for workplaces like:

  • Courthouses, police stations and fire halls
  • Healthcare facilities, schools, shelters
  • Ferry system and public transportation
  • Distribution hubs of necessary goods such as food and medicine

Workplaces will transition from a COVID-19 Safety Plan to a communicable disease plan. Additional safety precautions are required in higher risk workplaces.

Please click here for WorkSafeBC Covid-19 Public Health Announcements

Organized Gatherings Restrictions

Proof of vaccination is required for all organized events of all sizes. Everyone must be fully vaccinated to attend. Businesses must scan proof of vaccination QR codes for entry.

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

Bars, nightclubs and lounges are closed.

Indoor and outdoor dining is allowed with physical distancing requirements and other rules, including:

  • A maximum of 6 people at a table
  • Physical distancing or barriers between tables
  • Customers must remain seated and cannot move between or visit other tables
  • No dancing
  • Normal liquor service hours
  • Masks are required when not seated at a table

Restaurants, cafes and pubs must scan proof of vaccination QR codes for entry.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Adult gyms, fitness centers and dance studios are closed.

Adult and Youth outdoor and indoor group and team sports

All sports tournaments and related travel are not allowed.

Non-employee supervisors, coaches and assistants of indoor sports and group activities for people 21 years or younger must be fully vaccinated.


Violation tickets of $2,300 can be issued to owners, operators and event organizers. They are subject to a fine if they do not meet the requirements of the Food and Liquor Serving Premises order.

Violation tickets of $2,300 can be issued to event organizers who host a non-compliant event. For example, an event exceeding capacity limits outlined in the order.

Violation tickets subject to a $230 violation ticket if you:

Federal Supports to Assist Businesses & Workers

The federal government will temporarily expand eligibility for support programs to assist businesses and workers during the new public health restrictions.

  1. Local Lockdown Program
  2. Canadian Worker Lockdown Benefits


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